June 24, 2017

Keynote: 0 to DevOps

09:20  -  10:10
Room Microsoft

DevOps is about people, process and products. Getting it all right requires effort but the benefits to your organization and customers can be huge. In this demo-heavy session, Donovan Brown will show you how to go from “zero to DevOps” like a pro. Starting from just a blank desktop, he will create a new team […]

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Make Better Decisions with Usage Analytics

10:30  -  11:20

Usage Analytics help you to get the most from your budget by prioritizing solutions based on real data. We will discuss the problem of prioritization then look to the Lean Startup model to design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and target Measured Learnings for a hypothetical customer based on real customer experiences. We will work […]

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Introducing Azure DevTest Lab

11:40  -  12:30
Room Nintex

With modern development, more than ever both applications and environments require frequent changes. But, obtaining and modifying dev and test environments often involves significant effort and long delays. In this session we will discuss how to use Azure DevTest Lab to create and manage environments. Learn how to create a lab, share reusable templates and […]

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Fresh and fruity – the new VS Mobile Center

15:10  -  16:00
Room Microsoft

Our smartphones want fresh apps! And we can deliver that only with continuous  deployments of our software. But how can we achieve that, in short cycles with complex release processes without creating a chain of individually created, heterogeneous scripts? Microsoft combined the finest out of a great service offering and created a suite, from build […]

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