Serverless Computing with Azure Functions

June 24, 2017
15:10  -  16:00
Room Riverbed

First there were monolithic applications. They were big, unhandy for maintenance and hard to extend. So developers came up with microservices and everyone knew they’re better, even if no one really knew what “micro” really means and how big it is.
These days a lot of companies are doing microservices using Docker. Docker is a blessing piece of software, since it takes a pain point from developers, not having to take care of infrastructure anymore. Developers don’t need to take care of environment variables nor rights on every new deployment, no one wants to run their applications with full admin rights. But even, if we use Docker, there is still a lot of boilerplate code and developers have to rewrite every time they implement a new service, even if they use known and best practice frameworks or SDKs. This is platform infrastructure code, like routing and other I/O Access.
Wouldn’t be nice if we could just skip this part too? This is where Serverless Computing comes into play. It is event-based and it lets developers focus on the actual service implementation. This talk gives you a brief introduction to Serverless Computing, shows the differences between the two major serverless providers, AWS Lambdas and Azure Function Apps, and shows how easily you can jumpstart and leverage all the power given by Azure Functions to start your first serverless service.

Level: 200 – Intermediate material

Session Category :  DEV